CLT Policies

CLT’s Drug and Alcohol Use Policy
February 2015

CLT has a zero tolerance policy regarding the use of drugs and alcohol during rehearsals and performances. All cast, crew and production team members are to be clean and sober for all rehearsals, performances and production meetings.

Any person knowing of, or suspecting, an infraction of this policy must immediately report it to the stage manager.

  • If the stage manager deems that there has been a policy infraction, the individual will be instructed to leave.
  • The stage manager will promptly notify the director and producers of the infraction.
  • Prior to the next rehearsal, a meeting will be arranged with the individual, stage manager, director and producers, where it will be determined, under what conditions, if any, the individual may be allowed to return to the company.

This policy will be written on the audition form, presented at the first audition meeting, explained to others auditioning later on an individual basis and at the Meet and Greet that includes cast, crew and production team. Producers will also inform all team leaders and they are responsible for informing their teams of CLT’s drug and alcohol use policy.

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