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Directed by Ross Stephanson

Auditions for Fall Production - April 26-28, 2019

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By Agatha Christie

Director: Ross Stephanson

Producers: Maybeth Hoagland and Shari Jakubiec

Stage Manager: Ruth Dilts

Costume Designer: Gail Limber

Set Designer: Robert Moon
Lighting Designer: Andrew Taylor

Load in Sunday September 29th 
Performance Dates at the Sid Williams Theatre: October 4-12

Ivor Brown of The Observer said in the issue of 1 November 1953 that the play had, "all the usual advantages of Counsel in conflict, agonized outbreak in the dock, and back-answers from the witness-box. To these are added a considerable and ingenious appendix; the jury's verdict is only the beginning of a story that has as many twists as a pigtail."

Philip Hope-Wallace in The Guardian's issue of 30 October 1953 said of the ending, "Justice has been done and has been seen to be done. We nod approvingly, at which moment Mrs Christie says in effect "Oh, so you thought that did you?" and with an unforeseen twist of the cards lets us see how wrong we were. This is satisfying, but it makes criticism almost impossible; first, one must not give away the clue and second, one must reconsider whether those witnesses who seemed the most plausible were not, in fact, less good players than those who seemed somehow not quite 'in character'". Nevertheless, Hope-Wallace did admit that the opening night was, "a great success" and stated that the play presented a, "well-made, humorous, exciting case".

This is such a fun story to tell, exciting for an audience to second-guess, with challenges for performers who must swear to tell the truth, designers to create the setting and wardrobe of an era, and producers, forced to pay high royalties because Witness For The Prosecution has sold out houses since 1953.

There are lots of roles and, after certain casting adjustments, I will need 8-10 women and 8-10 men. Ages range between 20 and 99. Please read about the characters below and consider which one you could bring to life on the stage. Perhaps it seems as if we’re jumping the gun, however ……


At the Courtenay Little Theatre Space - 2683 Moray Avenue, Courtenay

Friday April 26 - 6:30- 7:30 - Everyone welcome for Information Session followed by individual auditions
Saturday April 26- 9:30am - 12:00pm - Individual auditions
Sunday April 27- Individual Auditions continue and Call Backs

Contact Shari at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to sign up for your audition time.

Character List

(In order of appearance)

  • Carter, Chief Clerk, (M), 50s: Sir Wilfred’s Chief Clerk,a bit officious but very good at his job; convinced that the world would fall apart without him
  • Greta, Sir Wilfred’s Typist, (F), 20’s, afraid of nothing and completely unfazed by Carter; competent but doesn’t think every “t” absolutely has to be crossed
  • Mr Mayhew, Solicitor, (M), 40’s-50’s, Has a bit of professional crush on Sir Wilfred, a complete lawyer who knows his stuff, but won’t believe it until Sir Wilfred tells him so
  • Sir Wilfred Robarts, Barrister (M), (50’s-60’s), Brilliant lawyer who will tell you so himself, repeatedly
  • Leonard Vole, Murder Suspect, (M), 20’s-30’s, Attractive man who has gotten by with his looks and charm for most of his life
  • Inspector-Detective Roberta Hearn, (F), (40-60) The Inspector is well acquainted with Sir Wilfred and Mayhew; She has seen it all and it doesn’t keep her up at night
  • Romaine Vole, Femme Fatale, (F), (20’s-30’s) Eastern European, attractive but quiet, energy barely kept in check through sheer force of will, and seems to know she is two steps ahead
  • Woman Juror, (F), (any age)
  • Foreman, (M), (any age)
  • Clerk, Court Official, (M/F) (any age)

Usher, Court Official, (M/F), (any age)
  • Myers, Prosecuting Attorney, (M), (40’s-60’s): Chief rival of Sir Wilfred; Nothing Myers likes better that beating Sir, who likes nothing more that beating Myers
  • Judge, (F), (60’s+): Has heard every defense, every piece of evidence, every long-winded closing argument, is beyond surprise--and a little tired of it all
  • Dr Wyatt, Medical Inspector, (M), (30’s), used to speaking in medical jargon
  • Policeman, (M), (any age)
  • Janet MacKenzie, Housekeeper, (F), (40’s+) Devoted, does her job thoroughly and believes she knows best for everyone
  • Theresa Clegg, Forensics, (F), (any age): Forensic scientist who testifies on a lot of cases, and tends to come to conclusions on her own
  • Girl, (F), (20’s), Young, reddish-blond, a bit low class, but with aspirations


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